The Darker Side To Scouts

| Learning | May 23, 2016

(I used to volunteer at my local Beaver Scout unit when I was 14, which is a weekly group for children aged 6-8 years. Where I lived in London was not the best of areas, and so a lot of people there are not particularly bright, though most of them are kind and decent people. This exchange happens with a six-year-old who is white, with blonde hair and blue eyes.)

Me: “Okay, [Kid], we’re finishing up the activity now, so if you could stick your painting on the step to dry and help tidy up that would be great.”

Kid: “No! I’m not finished!” *tries to continue painting*

Me: “You can finish the painting when you get home but we’re finishing up to play a game now.”

Kid: “You’re picking on me! This is unfair! You’re only saying that because I’m black!”

Me: *after staring at him for a second* “Yep… you got it.”

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