The Dark Knight Meets The Dark Side

| Friendly | June 8, 2014

(It is the first day of my art history class. I am sitting next to a blonde girl who is texting someone and for all intents and purposes appears to fit the stereotype of the b****y popular girl. Being a nerd, I am wary of those I perceive as fitting into that group, so I act very coldly to her when we are assigned to work together on a project.)

Me: “So, just let me take care of this. I always end up doing all the work in these stupid group projects anyway.”

Her: “… Okay?”

(Fast forward a ways into the semester. I happen to catch a glimpse of her sneakers as class is ending. They are ‘Star Wars’ themed.)

Me: “Oh, my God, is that Darth Vader? Your shoes are awesome!”

Her: “Oh, thanks! Personally, I like my belt better.” *shows off Batman belt buckle*

Me: “That’s the greatest.”

(And that’s how I met one of my best friends.)

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