The Cutest Little Peanut

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(Following the death of my son-in-law, my daughter and her two children come to live with me. I’m not the richest lady around, so we have to seriously budget while my daughter gets back on her feet. It’s been rough on everyone, the eldest girl, age three, especially, since she and her father were so close. That particular day, we are frequenting a local thrift store that always has some sort of deal going on, looking for some cheap clothes for the kids. My granddaughter is getting restless and doesn’t want to sit still in the cart. I start handing things to the lady at the register, but I keep having to stop to try to keep my granddaughter seated. All of a sudden, she starts yelling and reaching for something.)

Me: “Hey, hey, careful. What is it, sweetie?”

(The cashier looks where my granddaughter is pointing. She reaches over to grab something.)

Cashier: “Maybe she wants to hold Woodstock?”

(I look to see the cashier holding a little yellow bird that I only know from the “Peanuts” comics. It is a little dirty but it is still in great shape and is quite cute. She hands the stuffed bird to my granddaughter and the girl immediately quiets down and snuggles it. I feel myself getting a little choked up.)

Me: “Thank you.”

Cashier: *smiles* “No problem. He’s my register buddy for today. I found him in toys. Woodstock is the best bird, so I just had to have him up here with me.”

(I return the smile as she scans my stuff.)

Me: “It makes sense that she would notice it there. Her father used to read her Peanuts books all the time. She loves that series.”

(The cashier pauses for a moment, and her smile starts slipping a little.)

Cashier: “I got into Peanuts through my dad, too. He gave me all his books when I was little. It’s something we both enjoy together.”

Me: “Really? That’s sweet.”

(The cashier finishes ringing up my stuff and is preparing to move on to payment when she stops for a moment. She looks at my granddaughter, and then at me.)

Cashier: “Does she want to keep him? She can have him if she wants.”

Me: “No, no, we can’t. I’m already tight on money.”

Cashier: “Actually, it’s fine. We have a special kids’ club here where children under 12 get a $0.99 toy or a kids book for free with any purchase. He’s a $0.99 toy, so he qualifies for the deal.”

Me: *surprised* “Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah.” *looks at the bird* “I wanted it for myself, but I think she needs him a little more than I do. After all, Woodstock is the best bird. He deserves only the best home.”

Me: *holding back tears* “Thank you. Thank you so much.” *turns to my granddaughter* “Sweetie, she says you can keep the bird. Can you say, ‘Thank you’?”

Granddaughter: “Thank you.”

Cashier: “You are very welcome.”

(We finished checking out and left. My granddaughter quietly hugged that bird all the way home. I think it’s going to make a great addition to our home.)

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