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The Cut-Throat World Of Medicine

| Working | June 26, 2015

(I have a bad sore throat, and thinking that it’s probably strep, which I often get, I decide to visit the local walk-in clinic.)

Doctor: *takes a look at my throat* “Uh, I think you should get to the emergency room immediately.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Doctor:  “Just go. As soon as possible.”

Me: “But, is it serious?”

Doctor: “GO!”

(Naturally, I look up my symptoms on the Internet on the way to the E.R. and am convinced that I have throat cancer. After I’ve waited for hours, the E.R. doctor is finally able to see me.)

E.R. Doctor: “Why are you here?”

Me: “I have a very bad sore throat.”

E.R. Doctor: “WHAT? Are you serious? Why didn’t you just go to a walk-in clinic?”

Me: “I DID! They sent me here! Can you please tell me what’s wrong?”

E.R. Doctor: *looking at my throat* “For God’s sake, it’s just strep. Here’s a prescription for antibiotics. Next time, just go to a walk-in clinic rather than wasting my time.”

(So, I was terrified and wasted most of a Saturday for nothing, and the E.R. doctor obviously thought I was a hysterical hypochondriac. Thanks, walk-in doctor!)