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The Customers Are Fully Charged With Stupid

, , , | Right | January 30, 2020

(A customer comes into the used cell phone store where I work. Their phone isn’t charging. I test it and find out that the charger is broken, so I get her another one.)

Me: “Here you go. Turns out the charger we gave you was defective.”

Customer: “Oh, it was? Do they have a warranty on them?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, that’s why we’re giving you a new one.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

(She then proceeds to plug the charger into the phone, without plugging it into a wall outlet.)

Customer: “Uh, I think this one is broken, too. Shouldn’t the bars be coming on the screen?”

(When you plug the phone into a wall outlet, three bars light up along the battery to indicate it’s charging. Since she doesn’t have the phone plugged in, they obviously aren’t going to do that.)

Me: “You’ll have to plug it into the wall for it to actually charge.”

(The customer grabbed the charger and left without another word.)

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