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The Customer Is The Hair Apparent

, , , | Right | September 20, 2022

Diner: “I found a hair in my sandwich!”

She has eaten mostly everything, but I still ask:

Me: “Would you like another sandwich, or would you like to order something else?”

Diner: “I’ve lost my appetite, but I would like to be compensated. I’m a health inspector, but I’m off-duty.”

I took the sandwich to my manager and told her about the issue. The hair found was long and dark brown, but every server, bartender, and manager working either had blond hair, short hair, or no hair, and even the cooks working in the kitchen all had blond hair.

The manager confronted the lady (her hair was dark brown), called her out on her BS, and basically told her to eff off. I didn’t get a tip, but that lady got what she deserved.

Question of the Week

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