The Customer Is NOT Always Right In My House!

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My grandmother passed away. She was a bit of a packrat, so after going through her house for the valuable and sentimental pieces, we put the rest up for sale.

It’s an enormous garage sale that covers every room in the house, save one: the bathroom. My aunt — who is part owner of the house now along with my father — wisely locks the bathroom. We are all from out of town, so we lock our stuff in there during the day so people won’t go through our bags or use our toilet.

The sale is from Thursday until Saturday. These two encounters occur with my aunt, not known for her sweet nature.

Customer: “Can I use the restroom?”

Aunt: “No, I’m afraid it’s locked.”

Customer: “But it’s an emergency! Can’t you let me use your bathroom?”

My aunt observes the customer is not bleeding nor dancing around and there are public stores and fast food joints a few streets over.

Aunt: “No.”

Customer: “Well, where are you going to the bathroom?”

Aunt: “In the bathroom.”

Customer: “Why can you use it and not me?”

Aunt: “Because it’s my house!”

Another encounter: the local church is going to pick up the rest of the stuff for their charity sale, but that isn’t until Monday. People called the house yesterday asking if the sale was continuing, but my aunt always said no. Lo and behold, on Sunday morning, a car pulls in the driveway. By now, most of my family has left so it’s just my aunt and my mother. 

Aunt: “Hi, can I help you?”

Customer: “Is this the yard sale?”

Aunt: “It was, but it’s over now.”

Customer: “What? But the paper said you were open on Sunday!”

Aunt: “No, it didn’t. It said until Saturday.”

Customer: “Can I look, though?”

Aunt: “No, we don’t have enough people and our cash register is gone.”

Customer: “This isn’t fair! I called and spoke to someone here. They said you were open today!”

Aunt: “Lady, you spoke with me and I told you Saturday! Now leave!”

As a retail employee myself, I can honestly say my aunt is not cut out for it.

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