The Curse Of Serial Browsers

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(My girlfriend and I are doing some quick shopping at a popular chain of department stores and her younger sister is tagging along. My girlfriend and I have a specific goal in mind and do not have a lot of time to waste. Her sister, however, is running around to pick up and examine things as we walk past them, leaving me to constantly drag her away while trying to keep up with my girlfriend. She’s not being very discreet and she has knocked things off the shelves accidentally multiple times to the point that we get yelled at by an employee. We are trying to leave, but my girlfriend’s sister is still darting off to grab products off the shelves. Fed up, I rush after her and take her by the hand and tug her after my girlfriend.)

Girlfriend’s Sister: “Hey! Let go! What are you doing?!”

Me: “You keep running off and causing trouble, so I’m holding your hand until we get out of the store.”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “No! Stop! Let go!”

Me: *sternly* “No. Not until we get out of the store. We need to leave and I’m not letting you hold us up anymore.”

(She tried dragging her feet, but it did slow me down and she just ended up skiing across the marble floor. She pounded on my arm with her left fist but failed to cause me any pain. Deciding to stop drawing more attention to herself, she gave up and let me lead her by the hand while she pouted with indignation. My girlfriend was just happy I was dealing with her. While we were checking out and I was distracted, she managed to jerk her hand free, but she had learned her lesson and stayed close and quiet and left with us. Oh, and if you’re wondering how old she was at this time… She was 21!)

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