The Current Situation Is Elastic

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We’ve just reopened after being closed for almost two months because of the global health crisis. It’s been a crazy first couple of days back. I’m trying to put things away in my department when a customer approaches me.

Customer: “Do you have elastic?”

Me: “We’ve been out of elastic since March, and we won’t get a truck for a couple of weeks. The closest things we have at the moment are bungee cord in this aisle over here and elastic thread in the sewing department.”

Customer: “What? Bungee cord? What do you mean?”

I show her the bungee cord. It’s not what she wants.

Me: “The next closest thing we have is over in sewing.”

I walked her in that direction. She grumbled about how ridiculous it was that we didn’t have elastic, which would also be in the sewing department. I didn’t respond, just continued walking her to the sewing department. That item was also not what she wanted, and I apologized for the inconvenience.

But honestly? Nobody has elastic. Everyone’s using it for masks. What we had sold out in days two months ago. Sigh.

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