The Coupons Just Won’t Cut It

, , , | Right | July 30, 2018

(A woman pulls up to the drive-thru window, and as I hand the woman her food and drinks, she mumbles something barely audible to me.)

Customer: “…orange juice.”

Me: “Pardon, ma’am?”

(The woman suddenly shoots a death glare, so I ask her what it is she said, as I wasn’t able to hear her. She replies with some more quiet mumbling.)

Me: *again* “Pardon, ma’am, I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. Can you please speak up a little? It’s a little loud back here.”

Customer: *finally speaking up with a harsh tone* “OH, NEVER MIND. I’M ONLY SPEAKING SIMPLE ENGLISH, WHICH APPARENTLY IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!” *drives off aggressively*

(Turns out she was pissed that the coupons she had for a two-can-dine came with small coffees and juice — morning menu — and she wanted a medium latte, and was livid it would cost extra. When she paid, my coworker said she could keep the coupon, but the woman yelled at her that’d she’d never be back to our store again. That’s fine. Who would like someone so disrespectful to return, anyway? RUDE.)

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