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The Couponator: Warning From The Past

, , , , | Right | August 16, 2019

Customer: “I’d like to return this DVD drive, as it’s broken. And I also want to use this coupon I got for a laptop bag.”

Me: “Of course, that’s no problem. Would you like me to get you a replacement DVD drive?”

Customer: “No, I bought another one a few weeks ago here.”

(I check her receipt; it’s a month old, and she bought the drive and a laptop bag on it.)

Customer: “That’s the bag; I want my 20% off on there. I forgot to use the coupon when I bought it.”

(Technically, we aren’t supposed to retrospectively add coupons to purchases, but as she’s already returning an item, it would be easy for me to do so. She hands me the coupon. It expired two weeks ago.)

Me: “I’ll be unable to use this coupon for you as it’s now out of date.”

Customer: “What? But it was in date when I bought the bag. I had it with me.”

Me: “But you didn’t use it?”

Customer: “No, I was busy buying things, and I left it in my bag and I forgot. And then, when I bought the other DVD drive, I brought it with me again. But I forgot to use it then.”

Me: “I’m sorry you’ve not used it, but it has now expired, so even if I try to use it, the till will reject it.”

Customer: “No one reminded me! I came in here twice and no one said, ‘Do you have any coupons you need to use?’”

Me: “We don’t ask that; it’s the customer’s responsibility to remember to use them.”

Customer: “So, you won’t give me my 20% off?”

Me: “We’re unable to do that.”

Customer: “That’s awful service. And for only £5, as well.”

(She takes her refund on the DVD drive and storms out. My manager comes over, having heard the conversation.)

Manager: “That was… interesting. Why don’t you go and do some merchandising for a bit?”

Me: “Okay, but if I forget what I’m doing, it’s your fault!”

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