The Couponator: Thanksgiving Special  

, , , , | Right | November 28, 2019

(It is close to Thanksgiving. I am doing returns when I am stopped by a regular customer, whom I do not like because she is one of the old lady couponers. She asks me if I can get her some soup that is on sale on the top self. I say sure.)

Me: *grabs three or four cans* “Here you go.”

Regular: “Is there any more?”

Me: “Let me check.” *looks* “I am sorry; there is none left.”

Regular: “Are you kidding me? I have to get this stuff for Thanksgiving because I have people coming over. You should get more!” *walks off*

(I later tell the story to a coworker.)

Coworker: “Wow.”

Me: “I know. And I am just standing there thinking to myself, ‘You know, lady, other people need this stuff, too.’”

Coworker: “Gotta love those old lady couponers!”

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