The Couponator: Rise Of The Memo

, , , , | Working | June 7, 2018

(I am a cashier. Today is Wednesday. I have just finished ringing up an order for a customer when she asks me:)

Customer #1: “Why didn’t the $5-off-$50 work with using my online coupons?”

Me: “I’m sorry; was that going today?”

Customer #1: *snippily* “Yes!”

(As I’m searching through her redeemed/clipped coupons trying to find out if she clipped it, the customer next to her turns to her and said:)

Customer #2: “That doesn’t start until Friday.”

Customer #1: “Why did it send me an email now, then?!”

Customer #2: “Probably, to let us know what’s going on this weekend.”

Customer #1: “That’s ridiculous. They should send an email the day of!”

(Thursday, I am working the customer service desk when I get a phone call from a customer.)

Me: “Hi, [Store] service desk. How may I help you?”

Customer #3: “Hi, I spent a really long time in the checkout lanes today trying to redeem that $5-off-$50 with my online coupons.”

Me: “I’m sorry! That coupon doesn’t start until Friday.”

Customer #3: “Why didn’t the cashier tell me, then?!”

Me: *super politely* “I’m sorry, but even I didn’t know that that started on Friday until yesterday.”

Customer #3: “We have memos about that! Do you guys not have memos that let you know what’s going on?!”

Me: “We do not.”

Customer #3: “That is absolutely ridiculous. It’s no big deal, then.” *hangs up*

Me: *turns to coworker and explains what happened* “She’s not wrong in saying we need memos. I hate coming to work and not knowing anything about what’s on sale or what our online couponing service is having as a special, until later in the week, after we’ve already had tons of issues with it.”

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