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The Couponator 24: My Funds, My Rules

, , , | Right | January 30, 2021

Our company does this thing called “My Funds,” where during certain promotional periods, if you hit a certain amount on your order, you get a credit on your account. There’re a few other criteria, as well, but customers get a little crazy about earning it. This happens over Live Chat text. 

Customer: “I placed an order last month, and it was over $400 but I only got $50 in My Funds instead of $100.”

Me: “Okay, looking into your order, it seems you used a coupon. Your order was $459 before the coupon, but you received a $66 discount, dropping you below the $400 post-coupon requirement to earn My Funds.”

Customer: “Oh, that sucks. Can I add a cheap item so I hit that amount?”

Me: “Unfortunately, your order has already been shipped, which means no changes are possible. Even if I could make a change, doing so after the order is placed disqualifies all My Funds credit.”

Customer: “Okay, I understand. What if you just move the coupon to the other item?”

Me: *Pauses* “Well, unfortunately, as your order has shipped and been delivered, no changes are possible. Please note also that any changes to an order made after it is placed disqualify it from earning My Funds.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. Thanks, anyway.”

The funny thing is, he actually saved more with the coupon! He got a $50 credit and a $66 discount, which means he saved $116 instead of the $100 he would have gotten without the coupon. I thought about pointing this out to him, but I thought he might have some trouble understanding the concept.

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