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The Couponator 12: The Special Competition

, , , , | Right | February 1, 2019

(I am a manager at a pet supply store. We are in close proximity to a competitor pet store, and part of our coupon policy is to accept competitor coupons. I get paged to the front and when I arrive, my cashier is holding a competitor coupon and a customer is talking over her, so it takes me a moment to figure out what’s going on.)

Customer: “I want the coupon!”

Cashier: “She has this coupon from [Competitor].”

Customer: “That’s my coupon.”

Me: “Okay. We do accept competitor coupons. That’s fine; accept it.”

Cashier: “I did.”

Customer: “I want it back!”

Me: “What? Wait. You used the coupon here?”

Customer: “Yes! And I want it back!”

Me: “But you redeemed it here. You don’t get a coupon back when you use it.”

(The customer behind her points at her and laughs, in the style of Nelson from “The Simpsons,” and I try not to laugh.)

Customer: “But it’s my coupon!”

Me: “You used it here. I need the coupon to balance the drawer at the end of the night. I need to account for all the money, and she’ll be $7 short if you take the coupon.”

Customer: “But I want to go use it at [Competitor]!”

Me: “But you already used it here. You have to surrender a coupon when you use it.”

Customer: “But it isn’t your coupon!”

Me: “Yes, it’s for [Competitor], but we accept it as a convenience.”

Customer: “They do it, too, so don’t think you’re something special!”

Me: “Okay. I’m not special. We’re keeping the coupon.”

Customer: “This is such a scam! You’re scamming me!”

Me: “You received the $7 off your transaction.”

Customer: “Can’t you just take a picture of the coupon and give it back?”

Me: *kind of confused* “Uh, no.”

Customer: “Can I just take it and use it there and bring it back?”

Me: “No, they would also need to keep the coupon to balance their drawer.”

Customer: “Oh… This is such a scam. It’s not right. You’re stealing my coupon.”

Me: “I will be happy to refund your purchase, charge you the full price, and return your coupon.”

Customer: “No! That’s not fair! They give me my coupon back all the time!”

Me: “No, they really don’t. You have to surrender the coupon at the time of the purchase. Any coupon is like that. I can’t think of a place where you can use a coupon and get it back.”

Customer: “You’re a scammer! This isn’t right! I’ll be calling your boss, and I’m going to shop at [Competitor] now! You always do this to me!”

(I imagine the customer went across the street to the competitor and berated the poor cashier there to give her the discount that I “stole” from her.)

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