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The Couponator 10: Expiration Day

, , , , , | Right | October 25, 2018

(I am working the register at a popular office supply store. The store has frequent coupons and a rewards program for which customers receive information via email. It is common for customers to complain about not getting their rewards immediately, as they think it is a discount.)

Customer: “I want to use this coupon.”

(The customer holds up his phone displaying a coupon from the week prior.)

Me: “This coupon is expired, so I can’t apply it.”

Customer: “You guys always do this; you send out deals and I can never use them. You are trying to trick me.”

(The customer scrolls through emails and settles on one that is just an ad for an online sale we have, not even on the product he is buying.)

Customer: “Can I use this coupon?”

Me: “This isn’t a coupon; it’s just an ad for a chair.”

Customer: “See? This is all a scam! What about this one? This one says, ‘Last day.’ I wonder if I can use it?”

Me: “Again, sir, this coupon has expired.”

Customer: “Always! You people always send me coupons that are expired.”

(The customer scrolls past the email with a valid reward, and I point it out to him.)

Customer: “Finally you decide to do your job and stop scamming me.”

(Yes, because the store sends out expired coupons and is misleading you when they write, “Last day,” in the subject line. It isn’t our fault you tried to use the coupon three days after the last day email was sent.)

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