The Couple That Slays Together, Stays Together, Part 18

| Romantic | December 3, 2013

(My boyfriend and I have the same odd sense of humour. In the first month of our relationship he says he wants to show me something.)

Me: “So, where are you taking me exactly?”

(My boyfriend takes my hand and leans into to whisper in my ear.)

Boyfriend: “To where I hide the bodies.”

Me: “…so am I a victim or an accomplice?”

(A few months later, we’re driving out of the parkade attached to his apartment. It’s very creepy with flickering lights and plenty of places to hide.)

Me: “You know, this would make an ideal setting for a horror film. Imagine some scantily clad actress running around screaming. Then when she turns a corner, the ax murderer is standing right underneath one of those lights.”

(My boyfriend looks directly at me with wide eyes and a huge toothy grin as he steers around a sharp corner.)

Boyfriend: “It’s also a great place to hide a body.”

Me: “…I still don’t know whether I’m the victim or the accomplice here.”


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