The Costs Of Living A Modem Life

, , , , , , | Working | March 23, 2020

(I cancelled my Internet four months ago but didn’t realize I had to send back the modem. I start getting calls from a number and finally, after a week, I pick up.)

Me: “Hello?”

Representative: “Yes, we are calling on behalf of [ISP] to inform you that you owe $200.00.”

Me: “I cancelled my service months ago; that’s impossible.”

Representative: “Yes, but this is regarding the outstanding modem that you needed to return.”

Me: “I needed to return that? I thought I had bought it. Okay, no problem. Where do I return it to?”

Representative: *laughs at me* “Yes, obviously, you needed to return it. Now we will be taking your account to collections.”

Me: “This is the first that I’m hearing about this and you’re taking me to collections? And did you just laugh at me? Can I speak to your supervisor?”

Representative: *brief hold* “Yes, my supervisor said that he is unavailable and that there is nothing that can be done.”

Me: “Well, where do I mail it to? Is there a shipping label?”

(The representative proceeds to give me information to write on the box, which I know will then cost shipping charges.) 

Representative: “And you need to do this today.”

Me: “And this is the first I’m hearing of this and I need to do this today…”

(I ended the call. That’s the worst customer service I have received recently. I called their customer complaint line, avoided collections, got the proper tracking label, and returned the modem. Even their care team couldn’t understand the other person’s problem.)

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