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The Cooling Effect Of Entitlement

, , , , | Right | November 18, 2020

We are going through a heatwave. In response to this, the pool I work at, which is part of a larger non-profit organization, decides to allow free entry to the pool for the hottest hours of the day at the weekend. I’m not sure if the heat is messing with people, but there are quite a few dumb moments where I actually question what is happening.

I am working in the snack shack when a man walks up with his young son and daughter. He orders three ice creams and three drinks. I get his food for him and place it on the counter as I’m putting it into the cash register. The man grabs the food.

Customer: “Thanks!”

He begins to walk away.

Me: *Yelling after him* “Sir, you still need to pay for your food.”

Customer: *Surprised* “I thought everything was free!”

Me: “Admission is free for the day; the food ordered at the snack shack is not.”

Customer: “How am I supposed to stay cool if you won’t give me any ice cream? That’s the point of the free admission!”

Me: “The pool itself is meant as a way to help people stay cool; you don’t need ice cream to do so.”

The man complained some more, grumbling about false advertising and how we probably wanted him to die of heatstroke. Eventually, he gave in and paid for the food he’d ordered.

Free Ice Cream Does Not Mean Free To Abuse

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