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The Conversation Has Become Adulterated

| Working | July 31, 2016

(My girlfriend and I are browsing a new, high street, adult store. They stock a range of normal items and clothes but also some more ‘adult’ themed items. Having never been to this type of store I am a little taken aback and taking this opportunity to be as juvenile as possible and a bit of a pain to her. After some good natured scolding we get to the checkout with some very mundane items.)

Cashier: *a sweet looking woman who must be at least 65* “Can I interest you in any of the items on the check out?”

Girlfriend: “Oh, no, thank you.”

Cashier: “We have several [massagers] that are really cheap at the moment.”

Girlfriend: “No, thank you, we are not interested in any of them.”

Cashier: *seeming to ignore our request to pay and get out* “This one is VERY good and 50% off.”

Girlfriend: *getting a little weirded out about how much she seems to like her own products* “No, that’s fine. Just our items.”

Cashier: *eyes glazing over as she almost speaks to herself* “I have one of these myself. They are so good. I have gone through at least a dozen batteries, and if they break they replace them for free.”

(The product was a “large” item, one I later stated looked more like a sci-fi weapon than anything else.)

Girlfriend: “Please, just our items.”

Cashier: “Hmm… oh, okay.” *rings us up*

(As we are walking out:)

Cashier: *waving it at us* “Come back if you change your mind!”

(Safe to say we never did go back. I did wonder how many other items she could ‘personally recommend’ although couldn’t blame her for finding job satisfaction!)

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