The Condition Remains Fluid

, , , , | Right | November 7, 2018

(I work at a chain retail store where we do basic services on cars, such as oil and tire changes. I am finishing closing up the shop and am in the back room taking a break when my coworker from the sales floor part of our department walks up to me. She hands me a copy of the paperwork of a completed service on a customer’s car. Typically if a customer calls back with a complaint, my supervisor writes the complaint down on the paperwork. This particular note is on the paperwork for an oil change that came with topping off the customer’s vehicle fluids, including washer fluid. I have to do a double-take and read it again to make sure I’m not going crazy.)

Paperwork: “Customer called back saying they tasted their washer fluid and it tasted like water. Will return tomorrow.”

(It doesn’t end there. She comes back fully expecting to get her money back because she thought we put water in her washer fluid reservoir. Instead, my manager gives her a free bottle of washer fluid.)

Manager: “Don’t trust the washer fluid we put in there? Have a whole bottle of it; drink it all, if you want!”

(The customer left angry, speeding out so fast she nearly hit someone who was trying to back out. The customer was young and pregnant. One of my other coworkers joked that her baby is gonna come out with a blood type of 5W-30.)

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