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The Complaint Is The Critical Concern!

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Caller: “The operating system in my car is giving me [error code].”

Me: “Okay, that error code means there is a critical issue with your security system, so what I’m going to do is open a ticket for you and forward your complaint—”

Customer: *Irritated* “Complaint?”

Me: “Yes? Your complaint. I’ll need to contact—”

Customer: “It’s nice to see you think this is a petty issue.”

Me: “If you would let me finish, I said I will open a ticket for you and forward your complaint—”

Customer:Why are you calling it a complaint? It’s not a coffee machine, you idiot! This is a $40,000 vehicle!”

I just got done arguing with a customer for over a half an hour because he insisted that I give him the CEO’s contact information so that he could get his security service he hadn’t been paying for turned back on. I have a splitting headache, I have been called in on my day off, and I am not in the mood anymore.

Me: “Sir, do you need our assistance or not?”

Customer: “I’m just asking you to quit acting like this is a T-shirt replacement and show some respect!”

Me: *Squeezing my eyes shut* “Okay. I will forward your critical concern to our tech department—”

Customer: “Now you’re being a smarta**!”

Enough is enough.

Me: “Sir, please bring your vehicle to your nearest [Brand] dealer for further assistance. Have a nice day.” *Click*

I was almost certain I was going to be written up for that one, but oddly enough, no one ever said anything.

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