The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway

| Working | July 28, 2017

(I work as a general manager in a restaurant that is one of several owned by three brothers. I always schedule myself the closing shift of Fridays. The restaurant I am running has an ongoing issue with the furnace that heats the dining room. I show up for my Friday night closing shift at 4:30 and immediately notice the customers in the dining room wearing their coats. I check the thermostat and it is 55 degrees in the dining room. I go to the manager that had been working all day.)

Me: “Hey, did you know the furnace isn’t on in the dining room?”

Manager: “Yeah, it hasn’t been on all day.”

(Because they own several restaurants, there is a full time maintenance person.)

Me: “Have you called [Maintenance Person]?”

Manager: “No. I figured I would wait for you to come in.”

(Annoyed I go and call the maintenance person.)

Me: “Hey, the furnace has kicked off again.”

Maintenance Person: “All right, I will be there right over.”

(I hang up the phone and it rings before I can even walk away. I answer and it’s one of the owners.)

Owner: “Hey, can that wait until Monday?”

Me: “It’s already 55 degrees in the dining room and it’s supposed to be single digit highs all weekend.”

Owner: “Well, we are already at the bar. I really think it could wait until Monday.”

Me: “The customers are already eating with their coats on. This cannot wait until Monday.”

Owner: “All right, I will send [Maintenance Person] over.”

(The maintenance person showed up about 20 minutes later with instructions to show me how to reset the furnace so they wouldn’t have to come out and do it any more. Heaven forbid I take the owner’s drinking buddy away from him.)

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