The Class Is Blossoming Nicely

| Learning | October 11, 2013

(I’ve just finished a two-month internship in a mixed preschool/elementary group. The kids and teachers are wonderful, but there have been a few serious incidents within the group. Even though I’ve been stressed to the point of nosebleeds, I’m happy to assist the teachers even after my internship has finished. I’m feeling quite harassed this early morning as we’re walking with the six year olds to the local library, but I still walk with a troubled boy who’s also had a rough couple of weeks. We’re passing an apartment complex where a few men are spring-cleaning the grass with leaf blowers.)

Little Boy: “What are they doing [My Name]?”

Me: “They’re cleaning the leaves away.”

Little Boy: “Why?”

Me: “So the lawn will look pretty.”

Little Boy: “Why?”

Me: “So that it’s nice and ready for spring.”

Little Boy: “Why?”

Me: “That’s when all the flowers come out.”

Little Boy: “Why do people want flowers out?”

Me: “Because they’re beautiful.”

Little Boy: “Just like you, [My Name]!”

(All the stress is forgotten.)

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