The Circle Of Strife

| Romantic | February 2, 2016

(My husband and I are listening to a news talk radio station while we are on the road. A story about Chikungunya comes on, discussing how it gets spread by mosquitoes. Without any kind of sign or warning my husband starts chanting, to the tune of the opening song on The Lion King, ‘Circle of Life.’)

Husband: “Chik-un-gunya, Chik-un-chikun-gunya. Chik-un-gunya, Chik-un-chikun-gunya…”

Me: *singing over him* “From the time you first swatted that skeeter, you feel anxiety of the unknown — West Nile, could it be? Why did it have to bite me? What’s this rash all over my bo-dy? Ooooh Chiiiiiiikun-gunyaaaaaa — Our vacation is ru-i-n-ed…”

Husband: *now drumming on the steering wheel* “Chik-un-gunya, Chik-un-chikun-gunya, Chik-un-gunya, Chik-un-chikun-gunya…”

Me: “Iii-ieeeeeeeeeeee….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” *to sound like mosquito buzzing*

(We then both stopped singing, didn’t mention it, and went on with our drive.)

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