The Chronicles Of Retail: The Friend, The Employee, And The Back Room

, , , , | Friendly | February 27, 2020

When I am with friends on a city trip in London, I happen to come across a store of my favorite brand of clothing and I decide to check if they have a jacket I want but isn’t available in my size in the stores back at home.

“Okay, I went through the entire store, but no luck. They don’t have it.”

Friend #1:
“Oh, just show the picture of the jacket to one of the salespeople and they can check in the back.”

“Look, I worked in retail. There is no ‘in the back’ in these stores; if they had the jacket, they would just put it out on the floor. Why keep clothes hidden where no one can buy them?”

Friend #2:
“Just go and ask; they are bound to have it in the back.”

“Look, if it makes you happy, I will ask, but trust me, the store won’t have it in the back, even if they have a back room to begin with.”

I approach one of the salespeople.

“Hey, I know it is a long shot, and I don’t want to be that customer asking about the mythical back room, but would you happen to have this jacket somewhere?”

I show her the picture from their online store.

“Oh, yes, it’s in the back! I’ll just get the key.”

The sales lady returns with a key and opens a door hidden behind a mirror which opens up to a room the size of the store filled with clothes not on the sales floor.

Friend #1:
“Oh, I must be hallucinating! I am seeing a room that does not exist”

“Oh, shut up. Now, does this jacket look good on me?”

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