The Children Are Hungry For Knowledge

| PA, USA | Learning | October 9, 2015

(In German class, we are reviewing last year’s vocabulary. We’re playing a story game. So far, the story is about an old woman that is calling the police because the neighbor’s kids are playing loud jazz music.)

Student #1: *in German* “She asks the police, ‘What can you do? When are you coming?'”

Student #2: *in German* “The police are coming in fifteen minutes.”

Student #3: *in German* “The police want to eat the children!”

Teacher: *to Student #4* “Good luck following that.”

Student #4: *in German* “The woman says that’s a wonderful idea.”

Student #5: *in German* “She asks if the police want jam on the children.”

(The class ends. The next day, however, we are reading a story where a bear asks for money.)

Teacher: *in German* “What would a bear want to buy?”

Me: *in German* “Honey?”

Student #3:*in German* “Children!”

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