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The Checks Are Temporary, The Bad Customers Are Permanent

, , , | Right | March 28, 2023

One thing our bank does as a courtesy is print temporary checks at the bank for people who just need checks to pay bills very quickly. We have a machine that does all the encoding. A customer comes up to me with one of these checks.

Customer: “Why won’t [Home Improvement Store] take my check?”

These temporary checks don’t have check numbers on them.

Me: “I can’t comment on [Store]’s policy, but these temporary checks are for things like paying your phone bill.”

Customer: “Why would you give me checks that I can’t use?”

Me: “You can use them, just not for [Store].”

Customer: “But why won’t [Store] take them?”

Me: “I don’t work at [Store], so I don’t know.”

After going back and forth like this, he finally left saying, “Thanks.” As he was right at the door, he said over his shoulder, “…for nothing!”

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