The Centsless State Of The Economy

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I was a cashier in a department store in the 1970s. 

At that time, Connecticut’s sales tax was 8%. One morning, a couple, apparently from another state, came to my register with one item: a battery at 99¢. I rang it up and told them the total: $1.07.

They were incensed and asked me what I was trying to get away with. I told them the sales tax was 8% and they refused to believe me, demanding to speak to the manager. When he came over and verified that the sales tax was indeed 8% and that the total was correct, they slammed the money into my hand, seized the bag, and marched out of the store, announcing, “We are never going to buy anything in the state of Connecticut again!”

I’m sure that made a great impact on our economy.


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