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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag Now

, , , | Right | December 24, 2020

Our store fosters rescue cats available for adoption, usually only one at a time, and they are kept in large cages that are four feet high. Potential adopters can request to have them taken out to play with.

Customer: “I just love the cat! Can you take him out of the cage, please?”

Me: “Okay! I’ll just shut the door to the room.”

I let the cat out.

Customer: “Yeah, I really like this one! I’ll have to ask my roommates if I can adopt it!”

She proceeds to go on about her life and her roommates and cats. Finally, I put the cat back and she leaves.

Coworker: “Did you just help that blonde woman?”

Me: “Yeah, why?”

Coworker: “She’s the crazy lady who tried to walk out with a cat underneath her shirt!”

It was then that I was told all about how notorious this customer is.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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