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The Cat Has Spoken

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My long-time girlfriend of eight years recently passed away. I’ve stayed close with her parents in the weeks and months since.

One day, I’m over at her house helping her parents with some stuff. In the family living room, they have several couches and chairs in a semi-circular set-up centered around the TV. Seats were first-come, first-serve, but everyone had their unofficial-official seat.

Girlfriend’s Dad: “We’ve been thinking about who should take over [Girlfriend]’s seat. We thought you would be the perfect heir to it if you want.”

Me: “Sure, that would be great!”

Just then, we hear clawing at the back door and see my girlfriend’s cat standing outside, begging to be let in. I go and open the door for her. The cat races in and jumps into my girlfriend’s seat, looks at me and meows, and then settles in for a nap.

Me: “I think [Girlfriend] just established who the heir to her seat is, and I guess it’s not me.”

Girlfriend’s Dad: “Guess not.”

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