The Cat Caught Your Dog’s Tongue

| Related | May 28, 2017

(It’s summer. I’m upstairs; my family and dog are downstairs. When my sister opens the front door to bring in some bags, it takes about two minutes, and then my dog starts barking at the stairs.)

Mum: “What’s wrong?” *dog stares at the top step; my mum sees nothing* “Silly girl.”

(After about five minutes of this repeating, I head downstairs, when I spot green eyes staring at me from the landing window ledge as a walk down, I quickly walk back up.)

Me: “Mum, when did we get a cat?”

Mum: “We don’t have one?”

Me: “We do now!”

(The cat snuck in when no one was looking, except for the dog, which explained her barking. We took the cat outside and it still tries to sneak in years later.)

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