The Cashier Would Like To Have A Word With You

, , , , , | Right | June 19, 2019

(I’m waiting in line at a small convenience store and witness this interaction between a customer and the cashier. Note that this entire conversation happens with absolutely no inflection or tone in either of their voices, just completely monotonous.)

Cashier: “Hey.”

Customer: “Hey.”

(The cashier takes a few seconds to scan his items.)

Cashier: “Donate?”

Customer: “Same.”

(‚ÄúSame as usual,” I guess?)

Cashier: “I forgot.”

Customer: “Two.”

(The cashier chooses a $2 donation.)

Cashier: “Card.”

Customer: *swipes card*

(The cash register takes a few seconds to run the transaction.)

Cashier: *holding up the receipt and a bag* “Want?”

Customer: “Nah. Bye.”

Cashier: “Bye.”

(I walk up to the register, and it looks like the cashier flips a switch suddenly.)

Cashier: *to me* “Hi, how are you today? Did you find everything?”

Me: “I’m fine, but what was up with that guy? Do you know him or something?”

Cashier: “Oh, he’s a regular that comes in almost every day. He’s not one for small talk, and I usually prefer not to make conversation if I can help it, so we decided to just be as blunt as possible. It lets him do his own thing faster, and it helps me get out of my nice, friendly cashier personality for a few minutes.”

(10/10, would buy things there again, if only for the antisocial cashier!)

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