The Case Of The Contrarian Librarian

| Learning | July 30, 2013

(I have been reading since kindergarten, and have always had a high reading level. The head librarian sees me in the school library checking out books often, and knows how well I read. The head librarian isn’t in the library at the time I decide I want to read a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story.)

Me: “Just this, thanks.”

Librarian: “Is that Sherlock Holmes?”

Me: “Uh huh. I really like mystery books.”

Librarian: “You’re only seven! This is too hard for you; why don’t you pick up one of the Dr. Seuss books over there?”

Me: “Um, I like those, too, but I really want to read this book.”

Librarian: “Oh, fine. The Goosebumps, then.”

Me: “Those are cool, but I really just want this one today.”

Librarian: “You can’t read that! It’s too hard for you!”

Me: “But I can read it; I totally can. I wouldn’t have picked it if I couldn’t.”

Librarian: “You shouldn’t lie to adults, you know.”

Me: “But-but I’m not lying.”

Librarian: “I’m going to put this book away while you go choose yourself something more appropriate for your reading level.”

Me: “But I can read that!”

(As we continue arguing, the head librarian wanders in with a cup of coffee.)

Head Librarian: “Oh, good morning [my name], here early for a book before class again?”

Me: “Uh huh, but she won’t let me check out the book I want.”

Head Librarian: “Which one is it?”

Me:Sherlock Holmes.”

Head Librarian: “Oh, I know that one; you’ll like it! It’s a good one.”

Librarian: “This book is too difficult for her to read. This is for the sixth and seventh grade students!”

Head Librarian: “Are you serious, [librarian]? I see this girl in here every day; she tests at a high school reading level. I know better than to question her, and so should you. If she says she can read it, she can read it. People like you are the reason kids stop trying to read books at all.”

Librarian: “But it’s too difficult for a girl like her; she’s so small.” *looks at me* “When did you start reading, anyways? Not that long ago, I’m sure.”

Me: “Pre-elementary, my dear [librarian].”

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