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The Cards Are Stacked Against Them

, , , | Right | April 28, 2020

I work at a luxury chocolate brand in an upscale mall. A customer comes in and just wants her rewards piece. She doesn’t want to listen to the fact that she gets a discount on the sale merchandise. I give her the piece, and we chat about how her husband is flying in from Japan in a few hours. The customer pulls out her husband’s reward card.

Customer: “Can I get his, also?”

Me: “No, sorry, it’s policy that we can only give it to the person’s name on the card. He does have all month to redeem it, though!”

Customer: “You always let me do this because of my situation.”

He travels a lot for business apparently.

Me: “Well, I’m not the manager, so I can’t make exceptions like that.”

Customer: “I know it’s one card per visit. What if I go to [Store] and come back?”

Me: *smiling* “No, it’s still his card.”

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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