The Caller Creeped Her Out: It Was Super Effective

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(I work for a company that makes electronic toys under license and sells only to retailers. Our biggest products are very famous and attract a wide range of people from children to adults, but also a surprising number of people with… problems of one sort or another, who seem adept at finding our telephone number. It’s getting near Christmas and we’ve just hired a temporary member of staff to help with the rush. The phone rings and she answers.)

Temp: “Uh huh. Yeah, I see. Can I pass you on to—“

(She looks appalled. I stand up from my desk.)

Temp: “Um, I don’t think… No, we don’t…”

(I go to take the phone from her.)

Temp: “NO! CERTAINLY NOT! Wait… did you just… Oh, my god, he did. UGH!”

(She slams the phone down.)

Me: “I’m sorry, we should’ve warned you. We get these types of call now and again.”

Temp: “But he was doing it while talking about [Toy Product]! That’s DISGUSTING!”

Me: “Yeah, kinda. It happens. He’s done it on me, too. Are you okay? Do you want a break? Or do you need to go home?”

Temp: “I… I think I’ll just go wash my hands, if that’s okay?”

Me: “Off you pop.”

(She never came back. Somehow I don’t blame her.)

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