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The Cake Is A Lie, Part 8

, , , | Right | August 15, 2019

(I am lining up in a coffee shop behind an old lady.)

Customer: “Which one if these cakes is not sweet?”

Employee: *confused look on his face* “Er, they are all sweet, ma’am.”

Customer: “I’m diabetic; I can’t have sugary treats. But my friend told me you have cakes that are not sweet.”

Employee: “Well, madam, all our cakes are unfortunately sweet, but we have a couple of sugar-free ones! Perhaps that’s better for you if you have diabetes!”

Customer: “Yes, yes, I will have that one, and a cup of your freshly-brewed coffee!”

(The employee turns around, catches my eye, and gives me a WTF look. A few minutes later, the employee comes back, carefully balancing a tray with a slice of cake and a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, and presents it to the customer. She looks pleased with what is laid in front of her and hurriedly takes a forkful of the cake.)

Customer: “This is not sugar-free! It’s so sweet! I told you I’m diabetic and I can’t have sweet things!”

Employee: *wanting to laugh but sympathetically looking concerned* “Ma’am, sugar-free doesn’t mean the cake is not sweet. It still is, maybe even sweeter than the cakes with regular sugar, but we use sugar substitutes so you can still enjoy a slice without having to worry about your sugar levels.”

Customer: *huffs, puffs, and looked displeased* “I won’t eat it! I don’t trust it anymore. Do you have cakes sweetened with brown sugar? Brown sugar is healthier than white!”

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