The Breast Way To Deal With It

| Friendly | August 16, 2016

(I visit my best friend and her daughter at least once a week. Her daughter is really sweet, but she’s definitely more attached to her mom than anyone else. Recently, she and her husband announced they were going to have another baby, so I stop by to bring a card for her and a “big sister” shirt for her daughter.)

Friend: *pulls me aside* “Can I get your opinion on something?”

Me: “Sure.”

Friend: “You know how [Daughter] just finished up her weaning period from breastfeeding?”

Me: *nods*

Friend: “Well, I’m worried when the baby comes she’ll be jealous that he or she is breastfeeding and want to do it again. You know how she can be if I pay attention to other kids.”

(She’s read more parenting books than I can count, and sometimes worries about things I wouldn’t have thought of, but I try to help.)

Me: “Why don’t you start talking to her about it now, before the baby comes? Stress that she’s a big girl and that it’s only for new babies, that kind of thing.”

Friend: “We could try that…”

(A few weeks later I stop by for a visit on my way to work.)

Friend: “Come on in! Will you watch [Daughter] for a minute while I switch the laundry?”

Me: “Sure! Hi, [Daughter]!”

Daughter: “Hi, [My Name]!”

Me: “What are you playing with?”

Daughter: “My puppy!” *hands me a stuffed dog*

Me: “Thank you!”

Daughter: “I’m sharing!”

Me: “Yes! It’s good to share!”

Daughter: *makes a very serious face* “Have to share nonni.”

Me: “What was that?”

Daughter: “Have to share mommy’s nonni!”

Me: “Uh… okay?”

Friend: *walks back in* “Okay, I’m back!”

Me: “So, what’s a nonni?”

(My friend laughed so hard she had to sit down on the floor. Eventually, she got it together enough to tell me that “nonni” is the word her daughter came up with for breastfeeding. I guess she went with the “Sharing is Caring” approach. After her little brother was born, I actually heard Daughter telling him the only reason he was getting any “nonni” was because she was sharing it with him!)

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