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The Brain-To-Mouth Response Time Isn’t Great, Either

, , , , , | Working | July 6, 2020

Due to a high number of courses that have to be cancelled because staff fail to show up, our training team has announced a new system where people who no-show or cancel less than forty-eight hours before the course have a cross-charge of £100 made to their team. It comes out of their yearly budget.

We use an online booking system for training — much like booking a hotel room — and most people have twigged that they just cancel or rebook from there. However, some people insist on emailing our administrator, who deals with our training site, expecting her to cancel it. The problem is there is a three-day response time, which they get told via an automatic reply, yet the following happens all too often.

Staff Member: “I emailed telling you to cancel me off the training, but you didn’t and now I’ve got this charge. Get rid of it.”

Coworker: “Sorry, but we made it known at the time we introduced the charges that you have to cancel it yourself.”

Staff Member: “I’m busy; that’s why I told you to do it. Besides, it wouldn’t let me.”

My coworker knows where this is going.

Coworker: “Was there no option to cancel?”

Staff Member: “No! So it’s your system’s fault! It never works!”

Coworker: “The reason there was no button is because you tried to cancel less than forty-eight hours before the course ran.”

Staff Member: “But I emailed you on Monday.” *It’s now Thursday* “You didn’t do it!”

Coworker: “We have a three-day response time for emails. Either way, I would have told you the same thing I am telling you now.”

Staff Member: “It’s ridiculous! I shouldn’t be charged; it wasn’t my fault your system wouldn’t let me cancel.”

My coworker just facepalms.

They usually argue, talk to one of our managers, and then end up getting the charge removed.

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