The Brain Cannot Exist On Salad… Clearly

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I’m on register when a customer comes through my line. One of her items is a container of salad from the salad bar. I put it on the scale, punch in the code, and move it off to the side to be bagged.

Customer: “Wait, I thought the salad was $7.99 a pound.”

I glance at the screen, which clearly labels the salad at $7.99 a pound.

Me: “It is.”

Customer: “Then why is it $8.46?”

Me: “You have more than a pound of salad here. $7.99 a pound times 1.06 pounds equals $8.46.”

Customer: “But it’s $7.99 a pound.”

Me: “Yes, but since you have a little over a pound of salad, the total will be a little over $7.99.”

Customer: “But it’s supposed to be $7.99 a pound.”

Me: “It is.”

I point on the screen where it says, “1 large salad, $7.99 at 1.06 lbs,” immediately above the total of $8.46.

Me: “Look, you have 1.06 pounds of salad. Multiply that $7.99, and you get a total of $8.46 for the salad.”

Customer: “But I thought the salad was $7.99 a pound.”

I said nothing and quickly scanned in her remaining items. I don’t know how else I could have explained it to her, especially since the equation was printed on her receipt. And she kept saying “$7.99 a pound” like she knew it was a weighted item.

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