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The Boss Has The Right Idea

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Since I work from home, my bosses and coworkers and I all communicate mostly via email, instant message, or Voice over Internet Protocol phone calls. This takes place over IM. I’m just coming back from being off for a minor illness after a few days. A month before that happened, I was out due to a badly sprained wrist that left me unable to type. All the spelling errors I’ve left in this story are intentional as they are exactly as I typed them to my boss.

Boss: “Hey, [My Name], are you doing okay? I saw you’ve put in for most of your sick leave all at once. You never use your leave, so I just wanted to check in.”

Me: “Well, the PTO for yesgerday and today is because I dislocated my ankle and am on very strong painfkilsers.”

Boss: “OUCH! Take the time you need. Just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay. At least you don’t have the flu anymore! How’s your wrist, by the way?”

Me: “The sick leave next week is for my surgical thing.”

Boss: “Oh, my gosh, you need surgery on your ankle? Or wait, your wrist?”

Me: “No tis’ unrelation.”

I then fell asleep for several hours and woke up to clarify.

Me: “Next week, I’m having jaw surgery. Not ankle related.”

Boss: “[My Name], I am going to wrap you in bubble wrap.”

Me: “You’re not the first person to suggest that.”

A few days after my surgery, a care package from my boss arrived. It was bubble wrap!

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