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The Books Were Checked Out Along With Their Brain

, , , | Right | December 18, 2020

I’m a branch manager for the public library. The old branch of my public library closed when we moved up the road to our new library. After we moved, library staff taped the book return shut and taped a sign over it that said, “[Branch] is now closed. Find us at [New Branch]!”

The doors are locked, the lights are out, and there are signs outside all over the doors that say, “We’ve moved,” and, “Grand opening of [New Branch] on [date in the past].” 

About a month after the move, I get a voicemail at work. 

Patron: “Hi, this is [Patron] and I’m still showing that I have books checked out, but I returned them. I went to the [Old Branch] and returned my books there. I mean, I saw the book return was taped shut, but I pulled off the tape and the sign and dropped my books in anyway. So, can you call me back and tell me why my books are still showing as checked out?”

Me: “…”

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