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The Bitter Realization That They Don’t Know What They’re Ordering

, , , | Right | June 8, 2020

Customer: “I’ll take the same thing I had last time!”

Me: “Uh… that was two weeks ago, but I think it was a mocha, right?”

Customer: “Yeah! A mocha with milk.”

Me: “Not a mocha latte, just a regular mocha with milk and whipped cream, right?”

Customer: “Yes.”

I make the beverage and the customer takes it and sits down with her party. A few moments later, she comes back after eating the whipped cream off the top.

Customer: “This doesn’t taste like it did last time. It tastes… I don’t know… different. Bitter, kind of.”

Me: *Concerned* “Oh, I’m so sorry! Did you get it with extra milk or sugar last time?”

Customer: “No… just usual. Maybe it’s the coffee; it might be burnt or something.”

Me: *Horrified* “Oh, my gosh, I hope not! This is a fresh pot! Let me remake it for you with more milk and we’ll see if it’s better.”

I remake the beverage entirely. The customer returns again, sans whipped cream.

Customer: “No, it still tastes the same. I dunno, it just tastes burnt or bitter or something.”

Me: “Okay, let me try making a new pot with an entirely different machine.”

I make the mocha a third time with totally different coffee, this time opening a brand-new container of milk and adding a little extra mocha powder, just in case. I do not put the whipped cream on top, however.

Customer: *sipping* “No, still tastes the same. I guess it’s just me. It’s okay, though, now I’m used to it!”

She left happily.

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