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The Big Bye-Bye Blizzard

, , , | Related | July 8, 2019

(This is a story my sister told me about when her oldest daughter was still a toddler and her mother would always say, “We’re going bye-bye!” whenever she went shopping. Any other time — like going to work — she had an agreement with our mother for her to watch my niece since they lived with her. One winter, a major snowstorm passes through the area, making the roads dangerous. Her husband — a policeman — advises her to stay home from work, and she does. The following is the conversation she has with her daughter that day.)

Daughter: *upon seeing her mother, not Grandma, enter the room* “Mommy go work?”

Sister: “No, Mommy’s not going to work today.”

Daughter: *looks from her mother, to the window, and then back again with a huge grin* “Mommy go BYE-BYE?”

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