The Best De-Fence

| Romantic | June 26, 2012

(My girlfriend and I have just left my house, and we’re walking down the street. We pass my really pretty neighbour who is painting her fence. Note: my favourite book growing up was ‘The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer’.)

Me: “Well, that looks like an awful lot of fun.”

Neighbour: “Oh, it is. I couldn’t possibly keep all of this fun to myself. I think I may have a paintbrush or two handy, if you feel like having some fun!”

Girlfriend: “Ugh. That’s so boring! You lame-o’s!”

Me: “Perhaps if we had some more time. It certainly does look like a lot of fun.”

Neighbour: “Maybe I could save some for you when you get back…”

(My girlfriend and I walk off. She dumps me later that week, and my neighbour consoles me. My neighbour and I have now been happily married for five years, and we both love painting the fence a different colour every year or so.)

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