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The Best 20 Stories Of 2021 – As Chosen By Our Readers!

| Right | December 21, 2021

Dear readers,

We asked, and you told us! From all of 2021, here are twenty Not Always Right stories that were loved by our readers, from the punny to the silly, from the cats to the comeuppance, they’re all here. Think we missed one? Likely it’s in our other 2021 roundups, such as our best feel-good stories, or some other exciting upcoming roundups this week!

For now, let’s all enjoy what you and your fellow readers have put together!


Pure Poetry – We only wish our jokes were as clever as this one!

When You Can’t Convince ‘Em, Confuse ‘Em – Sometimes you have to fight maddening behavior with mad behavior.

Horsing Around And Being A Horse’s A** – It’s all fun and games until a little kid gets trampled. (Which doesn’t happen in this story, luckily!)

We Can Only Draw One Conclusion: SHE’S A WITCH! – There’s a coincidence and then there’s a freaky coincidence.

Auntie Dearest Created Terror All On Her Own – Some people should never be in charge of children.

Very Middling Advice – Vague questions require vague answers.

Aren’t Kids Just The Cutest? – This is why some people don’t want kids.

Management’s Lack Of Concern Is Alarming – Just because it’s “unprofessional”, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

I DEFINITELY DO NOT WORK HERE – This made me cringe so hard there’s now a black hole where an editor once was.

Insert Several Clapping Emoji Here – Hits from the comments: “This may be the first time I have ever approved of giving strangers the clap.”

Love Is In Their DNA – We don’t condone wasting cake, but someone here deserves a cake to the face.

Vacation Time Is Sacred – To reiterate the title: vacation time is sacred!

And That’s The Historical Tea – Well, they’re not wrong!

Being A Nerd Pays Off – Hits from the comments: “And it would have worked if it weren’t for that meddling kid!”

Stacks Of Parenting – We don’t often get to see such refreshing examples of responsible parenting around here!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Gas Station – Hits from the comments: “Guess she shouldn’t have popped off like that. Now she’s in the can.”

Shrubbery Flubbery – Maybe that’s what the Knights Who Say Ni wanted the shrubbery for…

It’s Official; Cats Are The Cure For Everything – If you’re looking for cat pictures to calm your “I hate everything” days, this comment section is a good start!

Shady AND Stupid: A Losing Combo – Hits from the comments: “I hope the two will get some spanking on their blank flanks for using blank cards.”

He Has A Severe Allergy To Being Ignored – Oh, thank God this story ends with consequences!

We hope you liked our end-of-year roundup of reader-favorite stories! Check out more of our end-of-year content and other roundups here!

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