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The Bare Truth Is A Little Embarrassing

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The program our company uses to track customers, invoices, etc., recently had an upgrade. Several customers have notified us that they no longer have access to their own accounts.

I go to the website and start a “chat” to see what can be done.

Me: “I’ve had many customers call or email to say they can’t log in. I don’t seem to have access to usernames or passwords through the back end anymore, so I can’t help.”

Chat Operator: “Can you give me a customer’s name so I can look at a specific account?”

Me: “Sure. The last fellow was [Customer].”

Chat Operator: “Okay, bare with me.”

I smirk a bit.

Chat Operator: “I do see that they are not registered in the system.”

Me: “Yes. But they were before the system upgrade. Now they can’t get back in, and I can’t seem to register them directly, either.”

Chat Operator: “I’m going to look into this a little further. Please bare with me.”

We don’t end up getting the issue resolved. The chat operator lets me know that a report will be submitted and I’ll be contacted once there is a solution.

Me: “Thanks. I appreciate that. Just so you know, since this is a typed communication, the phrase you are looking for is ‘Bear with me.’ ‘Bare with me’ suggests we should both disrobe. I don’t think that was what you were going for.”

Chat Operator: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Absolutely sure.”

Chat Operator: “I type that all the time!”

Me: “I’d suggest you change it. You know, bear it in mind.”

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