The Bar Was Set Before The Marriage

| Romantic | January 26, 2015

(It’s my bachelorette party and my bridesmaids and I are enjoying a nice meal at an Irish tavern downtown. My soon-to-be husband and his groomsmen are off doing their thing. We’ve had no communication all day. As we’re sitting there, one of my bridesmaids’ husband strolls in. Said bridesmaid gets up to talk to him.)

Me: “What is he doing here?”

Bridesmaid: *laughing* “He says the guys are outside.”

Me: *laughing as well* “Really?”

Bridesmaid’s Husband: “Should I tell them to go somewhere else?”

Me: *half joking* “We were here first…”

Bridesmaid’s Husband: “Okay, then.”

(He left and the guys went to a different bar in town. At our wedding reception, my brother-in-law, who was the best man, told this story. Just goes to show how much my husband and I have in common!)

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