The Bank Of Madre Y Padre

| Milwaukie, OR, USA | Friendly | March 24, 2016

(I try to keep my Spanish skills up to date by practicing along with a CD in my car. It says a phrase in English, and then repeats it twice in Spanish. I’m getting my kids ready to go shopping with me and we are leaving the house.)

10-Year-Old: “Mom, should I bring my purse?”

Me: “Um, sure, in case you want to buy something besides shoes, but you don’t have to pay for your own shoes.”

8-Year-Old: “I don’t know where my money is!”

Me: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay for the shoes.”

10-Year-Old: “I might want something else! Can I borrow some money?”

(We get in the car and I turn it on. The CD immediately starts playing.)

CD voice: “Children depend on their parents for money.”

All Of Us: “WHOA… Weird!”

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