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The Band From U.N.C.L.E.

| Friendly | August 20, 2015

(My friend and I (both female) have just gotten back from a reasonably famous, local metal band’s gig. My friend, who is a big fan of this band, was amongst the small audience. Meanwhile, I was working backstage as I have close relations to one of the band’s members. We drive back to my place.)

Friend: “Wow, I can’t believe I finally saw [Band] in person!”

Me: “I know, their music is awesome! Who’s your favourite member?”

Friend: “Definitely [Bass Guitar Player]! He’s hot!”

Me: “You do know he’s 17 years older than us?”

Friend: “Who cares?”

(From this moment, she talked about the band for a few minutes, highlighting her favourite features of each member without letting me get a word in. Suddenly, the bass player walks into my room.)

Friend: *jaw drops*

Bass Player: “Thanks for your help tonight, [My Name]. Are you available to help out next time?”

Me: “Sure!” *to friend* “As I was trying to tell you, [Bass Player]’s MY UNCLE!”

Bass Player: *laughs, and leaves the room*

(Before she left, I explained to her that, as the band was on tour, they were staying with my parents and me for a few nights. Eventually, she asked them for their autographs. The band and I had a good laugh about it when she left.)

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